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2 Million

Commercial Square Feet

Undeveloped property for five villages

In addition to Escaya, HomeFed Corporation owns five additional undeveloped land holdings (called villages) on the 22,899-acre Otay Ranch, one of the largest and most successful master-planned communities in the United States. HomeFed’s holdings throughout Otay Ranch include approximately 4,450 acres, planned and entitled for approximately 13,000 homes and more than 2 million square feet of commercial (retail, office and mixed-use) development. More than 75 acres have been set aside for schools and approximately 300 acres for parks.

Currently evaluating options

HomeFed’s urban design team is currently evaluating the existing plans and refining the designs. Considerable acreage borders the future City of Chula Vista University Park and Innovation District, a learning and research environment, planned by the city. The team is focusing on creating a strong, seamless “town and gown” interface with the university site, encouraging a healthy symbiotic relationship to flourish.

Urban village design

Similar to all of the villages in Otay Ranch, these future villages will be designed following many New Urbanism principles, including walkability, energy conservation, green transportation, quality architecture and urban design, diversity of housing to serve people of all ages and income levels, and intensive mixed-use environments. The goal is to create lively, interactive villages that encourage creativity, neighborliness, and high quality living.

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